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The Byers Park and Recreation District was formed in 1984 in order to provide parks, recreation facilities and programs for the Town of Byers.  Prior to this time, the various service clubs and organizations were responsible for recreation programs and resources for the community.

The Byers community is an unincorporated town in Arapahoe county located approximately 30 miles east of Aurora on Interstate 70.  The town is divided feast and west by I-70 and the Union Pacific Railroad corridor  which parallel each other.

The district boundaries are located in both Adams and Arapahoe counties.  Consequently, the District community is comprised of residents who live in the urbanized area of the community and those on outlying farms and ranches.

Byers Park and Recreation District

Meet the Canidates on Tuesday April 19th from  6:30pm to 8:30pm @ the American Legion in Byers, CO. Please be there 45 minutes prior to the event to hand in questions for the participants. All questions must be directed to all memebes present. No individual ​ questions will be taken.

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